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Kevin’s Fund Scholarship Commitments

The Kevin M. Eidt Memorial Scholarship Fund currently supports nine annual scholarships specifically related to achievements in the areas in which Kevin excelled: six to Norwalk High School, two to Boston College, and one to the St. Jerome Youth Group.

The 2017 Scholarships for Norwalk High School are:

  1. $100,000 to a graduating senior, in the Kevin M. Eidt Chapter of the National Honor Society, in good standing and in the top 10% of their class with demonstrated achievements across the spectrum of academics, athletics, arts and community and religious service. The scholarship recipient is determined by the scholarship selection committee based on a submitted application and personal interview process. The presentation of this scholarship will be made at our annual Benefit Dinner Dance on April 8, 2017.
  2. $1,000 to the four year member of the Norwalk High School Marching Band, in good standing, with the highest cumulative grade point average, similar to Kevin's achievement. The recipient is determined by the Principal of Norwalk High School, or a designated representative, based on the standard grade point average formula used in the determination of official class ranking.
  3. $1,000 to a graduating senior in good standing at Norwalk High School who has made an outstanding contribution to the Jazz program.
  4. $1,000 to a graduating senior in good standing at Norwalk High School who has made an outstanding contribution to the Orchestra program.
  5. $1,000 to the Norwalk High School scholar-athlete who has made an outstanding contribution to the school both as a scholar and an athlete.

The 2017 Scholarships for Boston College are:

  1. The Boston College Carroll School of Management Honors Program scholarship is awarded to a junior who has demonstrated the unique combination of academic achievement, character, leadership, and school spirit similar to Kevin’s. The award is the sum of the Fund's $10,000 contribution and other third party contibutions. The total of the most recent award was $18,000. The recipient is selected by the faculty and administrators of the Honors Program.
  2. $2,000 to a Boston College freshman who has made an outstanding contribution to the Emerging Leader Program.

The $4,000 St. Jerome Youth Group scholarship is awarded to an individual with demonstrated commitment to community and religious service similar to Kevin's. The adult ministry team selects the recipient of this scholarship.

Beginning in 2015, to further the connection between Norwalk High School and Boston College Kevin’s Fund will offer a one-time $2,000 scholarship, (Kevin was in the BC Class of 2000), to each Norwalk High School senior who matriculates at Boston College.

From time to time the Fund awards special achievement scholarships for outstanding achievements in the areas of importance to Kevin in athletics, arts and community and religious service. In 2017 a $4,000 Community Service award in memory of former Fund Auction Chair Alexandra Sandor will be presented to a deserving senior who, similar to Alexandra and Kevin, gave of their time and talent in the service of others. These scholarships are determined by the Board of Directors based on information submitted for the Norwalk HS scholarship or for volunteers of Kevin’s Fund activities.

2016 Scholarship Recipients

  • Norwalk High School Scholarship – Ava Rosato, Georgetown University
  • Norwalk High School Marching Band – Thomas Jankovic, Princeton University
  • Norwalk High School Jazz – Kyle Brenn, New York University
  • Norwalk High School Orchestra – Ines Purcell, Bryn Mawr College
  • Norwalk High School Scholar-Athlete – Georgios Kutrubis, University of Connecticut
  • Norwalk High School Boston College – Arissa Troy
  • Boston College CSOM – Lauren Wedell ('17), Arden Hills, MN
  • Boston College ELP – Kandace Nguyen, ('19), Morrero, LA
  • St. Jerome Youth Group – Christina Ronzitti, University of Rhode Island
Link to Kevin's Fund Page on the Boston College CSOM website
Link to Kevin's Fund Page on the Boston College ELP website

Latest News

2017 Dinner Dance

The 18th Annual Kevin M Eidt Memorial Dinner Dance and Scholarship Presentation will be held Saturday, April 8, 2017 at the Shore and Country Club in Norwalk, CT. Tickets for the event and sponsorship opportunities are now available on our Event Page.

2017 Scholarships Awards

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Kevin's Fund will be offering $126,000 in scholarships for 2017, bringing the total value of scholarships awarded to $1.87M since the Fund's inception in 1997. Please read our Thanksgiving update letter for more details.

2016 Kevin's Fund Golf Tournament

Congratulations to Tom Lane, Tommy Lane, Tom McEnaney, and Brad Nail winners of the 18th Annual Kevin's Fund Golf Tournament, held on Sunday, September 25th at Wayland Country Club in Wayland, Massachusetts. Visit our Golf Tournament pages for the full tournament recap.

2016 Annual Report Letter

Read The Fund's annual update letter reviewing a remarkable year of success and support.

Recquiescat in Pace

Kevin's Fund mourns the loss of Benefit Auction Chairperson Alexandra Sandor, 9/16/70-5/7/16. Her talents, commitment, creative flair, and most importantly, her friendship will be greatly missed.

Boston College CSOM Honors Program

Congratulations to Lauren Wedell, BC '17, the 2016 recipient of the $17,000 CSOM Honors Program Scholarship. He was recognized at the year end Honors Program Banquet at Boston College on April 28, 2016.

Kevin Eidt Emerging Leaders Award

Congratulations to Kandy Nguyen BC '19, who was named the recipient of Kevin Eidt Memorial Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) Scholarship at Boston College on April 12, 2016. ELP is one of the great programs for BC freshman and the Fund is honored to be associated with it's highest participant award.

2016 Scholarship Recipient Announced

Congratulations to Ava Rosato, the 2016 recipient of $100,000 Kevin M. Eidt Memorial Scholarship for the most outstanding senior at Norwalk High School. She was recognized at the annual Dinner Dance benefit held in Norwalk on Saturday April 9, 2016. Ava will be attending Georgetown in the fall.

Ava Rosato

Scholarship Fund Accomplishments as of June 30, 2016
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